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Suttons continue to focus on building new retail partnerships by creating a brand new look to their seed stand displays, recruiting into their field merchandising and sales team, as well as a continued partnership ethos of not discounting seeds in its direct to customer channel. This ensures that 2020 has the best offer, the best look and the best service so far.

“We believe in investing and building good relationships with our retail outlets where we don't undercut our partners instore offer. Our continued brand building activity for Suttons as a whole in both retail and direct channels will secure a future year full of opportunity for excellent growth in seed sales.” – Hilary Mabbutt, Sales and Marketing Director explained.


Suttons pledge to never discount seed through their direct to consumer online channel continues into its fourth consecutive year.

With many suppliers discounting through their online channel, Suttons have become known in the trade for not offering such discounts direct to their own customers through their website.

“Our ‘non discounting’ of Suttons seeds as a brand is an important part of this strategy. I am always surprised at the amount of competitor emails I receive that are offering discounts, and sale on current ranges and even encourage customers to ‘buy’ now at discounted prices at as little as a £1 a pack for the future season - we want to give our customer’s peace of mind that we don’t run any ‘discounted promotions’ that can jeopardise the retailers business” continues Hilary. Suttons focus on a positive promotion of "added value" only online to its customers in any seed offer.

This firmly places the advantage with the garden centre where the customer can browse across the Suttons range with no reason not to purchase there and then in store, with the added advantage of avoiding any extra postage costs.


As a result of Suttons choosing not to continue to supply B&Q with seed ranges last year they have maximised merchandising and put their well-trained team directly back into the independent and group sector to further strengthen their field service resulting in “A really positive outcome that supports our current customers and also our new partnerships, allowing us to give the very best service to all businesses” - confirms Hilary.

Suttons can also boast a very fast replenishment service that has been running throughout 2019 and is continuing into the new season.

“A NEW LOOK FOR 2020” 

Combining over 200 years of gardening knowledge and expertise with new customer research Suttons have redesigned every stand to give a new and fresh look to the presentation of the Suttons branded seeds whether that’s in our A-Z collection or our carefully selected “speciality” stands.
Suttons know how overwhelming it is for customers entering the seed areas in retail space when greeted by the “wallpaper” effect back drop of seed choices, so the new look for the New Year sees the Suttons Retail range become easier to shop and has been built on the feedback received directly from their customers.
The simple A-Z format Suttons has adopted for many years makes browsing seeds simple for either starter gardeners or the more practiced, and this year new merchandising solutions adds to this further, taking customers on a journey from ‘A’ right through to ‘Z’. A-Z format of the stands has always been a customer favourite and perfect for retail outlets alike, as they don’t duplicate the range in several areas causing confusion for the customers - taking up more space used in stores. Suttons want to make every metre of space work for the retailer and for it to be easy for the customer to purchase what they want.

The new look for 2020 is given extra prominence with new headers that direct the customer to the stands, plus the inclusion of side wings, that frame the total offer and provide stand out through this 3D approach.


The marketplace is an ever-changing landscape which Sutton’s are continually monitoring, their finger on the pulse of Market trends for 2020 and this can be seen within several new ranges that have been added to the A-Z collection. 

H is for… Houseplants

The Joys of being able to cultivate and grow your own doesn’t need to be confined to our gardens, and the New Suttons range of Houseplants from seed is a great addition to growing indoors. Be this the easy to grow Urban cactus collection, or the opportunity to grow your own coffee with ‘Coffee Barista’ or the amazing colours and unusual look of ‘Lithops, Gem stones collection’. There are 7 varieties for customers to choose from, allowing the grower to Grow something different… and all available in the A-Z collection for the new season.

P is for… Prairie

Visitors to Chelsea this year will have seen great emphasis on ‘relaxed natural planting’ and nothing says this more that Suttons’ New range of Prairie plants. 6 new varieties join the already colourful flower A-Z collection, adding a mix of height, colour and sound to the grower’s garden. 

From customers favourites such as Pampas Grass, 'Feathers mix'- ideal for positioning at the back of a border giving height and also the well-known architectural look of the creamy white and pale pink panicles Pampas Grass is so well known for, to the striking and stunning Blue Fescue- a dense and tufted grass that is completely undemanding, needing very little from its grower.

“50 new varieties for 2020”

Suttons are offering a complete solution to retailing seed with 50 new varieties added across Flower, Vegetable and Pea and Bean. Each carefully considered and worthy of its place to meet your customers high expectation for relevant seeds of today, to excite existing customers to increase selected number of varieties and entice new customers into the world of growing from seed.
Suttons continue to strengthen their core categories well with the inclusion of New varieties  of Calendula, Sunflower, Love-in -a-mist, sweet pea and Zinnia to name a few, and also two new Nasturtium join the range in the new season- Nasturtium Milkmaid is a real eye catcher with its almost bright white flowers, and Nasturtium Baby Rose is a first for Nasturtiums with an improved flower habit that is perfect for containers - and also a winner of both a Fleuroselect and AAS award.

With a ‘back to nature in urban spaces’ attitude wildflower window box and patio pots mixes join the British nature wildflower range perfect for those who do not have the space but want their own bit of British nature in their garden.

The A-Z of Vegetables also has its fair share of additions- with tomatoes well in the ‘spotlight’ and the inclusion of 8 new varieties of the gardener’s favourite fruit. Be that the original Tomato Heinz 1370 and Tomato Heinz 1350 (Known more commonly as Tomato Sauce and Tomato Soup!) also new is Tomato ‘Supersauce’ and the customers favourite Blight resistant ‘Crimson’ Family- which boast another two additions to the range within the A-Z of Vegetables. With three new onions ‘Isabelle Rose’,’Boretta’ and ‘Walla Walla’ this variety won’t bring a tear to your eye as not only is it tearless… it is also very easy to grow and jumbo sized. ‘Wok Broc’ and ‘Squash Long Pie’ also make new and interesting veg additions.

Add to this the new collection from James Wong, which is all about well-being, self-sufficient ‘Good life’ gardening and natural remedies to include ‘Meadowsweet Aspirin' Plant. This sits alongside with the current ‘Grow for Flavour’ range included in the James Wong stand.

"New for 2020 – A different stand for a different location"

Great next to a restaurant, or even within the cookshop section this stand breaks away from the stereo typical seed space and appeals to those who love food. Sited next to the restaurant customers will be drawn into browsing this stand while waiting to be seated, whilst also tempting those who maybe haven’t considered growing from seed before to have a go!

With our modern lifestyle everyone wants everything right now, instant veg from seed to plate in a blink! If Suttons could develop veg seed that would grow overnight like in jack and the beanstalk this would be sat on their new ‘Grow Salad This Summer ‘stand.

Aimed at the next generation of grow your own gardeners its simple easy to follow stand it is all about giving beginners great success - and showing all customers how quick and easy it is to create your own salad. Suttons understands that 2020 will see a change in both shopping and eating habits - good food, sourced locally, will clearly be the way forward and nothing is as local as your own back garden!

“The stand has been created for beginners… without actually saying this directly on the stand” Hilary stated. “It is all about making it easy and highlighting the speed that customers can get results! It may well change perceptions about growing your own from seed!”

Broken into different timescales, the stand shows you varieties that you can grow and harvest in only 7 days… 2-3 weeks, 8 weeks and 12-14 weeks. The stand POS concept points new gardeners towards add-on sales, such as propagators etc.

"All this results in an exciting collection of seeds for 2020"

With such a great choice of innovation and traditional favourites, the Suttons 2020 range is not only an exciting growing experience, they are also products which reflect a lifestyle and modern way of life.

Customers can reinvent themselves to be chefs in their own kitchen, entering a world of extraordinary taste and culinary delight, tinkering botanists to explore the world of natural remedies, or simply be the envy of all the neighbours with the best sensory or floral garden.

Getting in contact
Suttons have put together several schemes to encourage new partnerships, and are ready to hear from you, if you have not been in touch already!  You can contact Suttons via email - or by visiting their website on or to contact by tel: 01803 696400 for further information.


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