Smiemans to build another huge leisure centre for Plantorama

Company: Smiemans Projecten

While Smiemans Projecten is building the largest garden centre in Denmark, they once again received the order from Plantorama to build a second garden centre, this time in Hørsholm. This means that Denmark's largest chain grows to 13 branches in a short time.

Sustainable garden centre

Just as with Plantorama Tilst, the project has been given the ideal ‘knowledge-based building’ implementation by using the special roof construction and the adapted north-south orientation. For example, the asymmetrically roof slopes on the south side are used for PV panels and transparent PC panels on the north side are used for as much light transmission as possible. Maximum natural ventilation is achieved by means of the widened ridge ventilation. In addition to the installation of PV panels, the central building with the flat roof also has the optimal starting position for future installation of vegetation mats such as sedum. A green roof has many economic, ecological and social advantages. Wide rain gutters specially developed by Smiemans prevent water nuisance during extreme rainfall. The stored rainwater is used for the irrigation of plants. By also using LED lighting everywhere, Plantorama sends the right sustainable signal to an increasingly environmentally conscious world.


Visitors will not be bored for a moment while shopping at Plantorama. In addition to the extensive range of indoor and outdoor plants, flowers and tools, there is even a whole department for animals. While the children play in Playland, parents can enjoy something at the extensive restaurant. "We think it is important that customers can enjoy themselves and relax for a cup of coffee while they are with us. It should be part of the experience. We are specialists in creating atmosphere and experience," says Peter Vang Christensen, CEO of the Plantorama garden centre chain.


Plantorama was founded in 1987 by his father Søren Vang Christensen. In the last 33 years they have grown into the largest garden centre chain in Denmark. The construction of the new locations in Tilst and Hørsholm will bring them to a total of 13 locations. Smiemans Projecten is currently working on the construction of Tilst, with 12,000 m2 soon to be the largest garden centre in Denmark. In June they also start with the establishment/garden centre in Hørsholm. Both locations will open in the spring of 2021.

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