SBM’s UK Sales Manager Scott Williams leads his team to the shop floor

Company: SBM Life Science
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Relationships are the foundation of any true partnership and SBM has a clear vision that the future of its business relies on service and service is what the man at the helm of the business is going to deliver over the coming months.

Nick Walton, Head of the SBM Business in the UK/I tells us “It’s simple, people buy from people, and I need to make sure that our business is at the forefront of service. Price is only one dimension, but there are many other ways that we can add value to your business and you will begin to hear of our future strategy at the industries kick off; GLEE 2019!”

As part of this ‘service strategy’ Scott Williams will be leading his team to the shop floor, “Having come from a garden centre retail background myself, I understand the importance of service and to that end I want to ensure that my team understand what it is like to work in a busy garden centre”.

Scott, along with Andy Reffold, David Fairless and Heather Mayne will be partnering local garden centres to work with their staff on the shop floor during weekends in July.

For more information on our future strategy, please visit us at GLEE | Stand 7G70 H71.

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