Planning to grow autumn & winter sales

Company: G Plants

As many businesses have had to take what is hopefully a short break in trading, we still need to prepare and look to the future when the situation improves.

We have seen that people have taken up new hobbies and many have turned to gardening to pass time and create a beautiful space to be proud of. Hopefully this will ignite peoples’ passion for gardening, which will in time help our industry to thrive again in the coming months.

So, looking forward to the next sales season we wanted to give buyers the opportunity to take a look at our latest brochures, which are available to download from, to get products back on shelves ready for autumn and winter sales.

Our latest autumn brochure now includes year-round products such as our best-selling BEES® Seed premium ranges, which are ideal for gift’s to be sold throughout the year and have a long shelf-life. Autumn & winter gifts, which are perfect for Christmas sales, alongside our best-selling lawn care ranges.

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