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Company: Johnsons Lawn Seed

Leading grass seed supplier Johnsons Lawn Seed’s latest innovation, Lawn Thickener, is a result of the world’s most advanced grass seed breeding programme. Developed with turf growers and top sports stadiums, the latest fertiliser coating technology is now available to purchase in all good retailers as we enter an entirely new phase in the evolution of lawn care.


Johnsons Lawn Thickener

Dual coated grass seed with professional grade SeedBooster® technology

Available in 500g (£8.25 SRP) and 1.5kg (£18.49 SRP) cartons

  • 30% more grass than uncoated grass seed
  • Faster germination and establishment
  • Reduces the need to sow seed and fertiliser separately
  • Nitrogen coating harmlessly deters birds
  • Child, pet and environmentally friendly


Tetraploid perennial ryegrass

Starting with the seed itself, Lawn Thickener features the next generation of grass seed - tetraploid perennial ryegrass.  Containing twice as many chromosomes than the normal (diploid) variety, tetraploid grasses can germinate and establish in half the time.  With that comes a more resilient grass that is drought tolerant, needing less watering.  And if that wasn’t enough, it is also able to be sown at temperatures as low as 3°C. 

SeedBooster® dual seed coating

Seedbooster is a two-in-one seed coating that was initially developed for the professional turf growing market.  Essentially this involves a fast and slow release fertiliser for the seed – whilst also acting as  a deterrent to pests.  Each individual seed is completely coated in its own parcel of nitrogen-based fertiliser, which not only promotes the seeds germination and establishment rates even further, but also causes more offshoots and a denser sward.

Additional benefits were also discovered in tests, according to Guy Jenkins, Johnsons Lawn Seed Consumer Manager. “A single application of Lawn Thickener makes it possible to increase lawn thickness by up to 30% when compared to just applying lawn seed on its own or with loose fertiliser. This additional thickness creates a much more hardwearing and visually appealing lawn within a wide variety of conditions.  Perhaps the most surprising

benefit of the nitrogen rich SeedBooster® coatings is that it also acts as a harmless deterrent to birds - saving seed and improving overall germination rates like never before.”

Available in 500g £8.25 SRP and 1.5kg £18.49 SRP cartons, the product is now available to order from garden centres and hardware stores throughout the UK.

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