New Express Hoe from Burgon & Ball swings into action

Company: Burgon & Ball
  • Burgon and Ball Express Hoe
  • Burgon and Ball Express Hoe
  • Burgon and Ball Express Hoe

The new Express Hoe from Burgon & Ball will be swinging into action this season, with a pivoting blade which finds the perfect angle for biting into the soil, for effortless weeding.

Sliding easily through the soil on both push and pull strokes, Express Hoe swings through weeding in half the time, allowing the gardener to move quickly onto other tasks – or to preserve energies for more appealing activities than weeding!

Express Hoe’s doubled-edged blade has been created in high carbon steel for optimum sharpness and edge retention, and is very thin to move easily through the soil with minimum effort, chopping smoothly through weed roots and shoots.

The angle of the blade has been extensively researched, and Express Hoe really does bite into the soil in both directions to dramatically speed up weeding; unlike some hoes where the cut is easy in one direction, but the tool stops dead on the return.

A compact, eye-catching stand with informative point of sale and integrated video is available, to help shoppers see Express Hoe’s outstanding results for themselves. Designed to retail for £32.99, Express Hoe is a truly time-saving addition to any garden shed.

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