New Environmental Headers for Franchi Seed stands in garden centres

Company: Franchi Seeds of Italy

94% of heritage veg seeds have been lost in just one century. Franchi sell about 200 varieties from the remaining 6% and so by using Franchi, your customers are supporting biodiversity on the planet.

Paolo Arrigo, MD of Seeds of Italy said “We announced climate emergency early in 2019 and we believe in leading by example so we are going to be the first seed brand to have an environmental message on our headers rather than our name in lights as is the norm.

Our garden centres are falling over themselves to get the new headers because it shows that they care and Franchi tick a lot of ethical boxes being seed producers of endangered, heritage and ethical varieties, plus we are the only seed brand that is Slow Food UK approved or Vegetarian Society Vegan approved (it took 7 years to get that certification).

People are desperate to do something, anything to help the environment. We all recycle and avoid plastic (if we can) but then what? This is a way that customers can affect change and we don’t sell the mass produced corporate varieties like Gardeners Delight tomatoes or Defender courgettes, nor do we want to. It is all about provenance and flavour.

Tests have shown people heading straight for our stands because of the headers – once they get there, our packet branding is already very strong and we roll them out nationally to outlets who care about biodiversity in about a week’s time’.

In 2015, Franchi were found to be the most ethical major seed brand in the UK according to Ethical consumer magazine. Paolo is winner of the Slow Food Person of the year award for 2019 for his work on biodiversity and food.

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