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Meadow View are delighted to welcome the addition of the Go Garden brand which is a collection of compost, bark and topsoil to their already expansive collection of decorative aggregates, paving and stoneware. With truly unique branding featuring our iconic union flag, the collection has been carefully selected to contain only raw materials which are sourced, manufactured and produced in England.  

A premium Multi-Purpose Compost is available in two pack sizes of 50Litre and 70litre, each of which contains a blend of sedge and moss peat aided by a very good fertiliser package, with natural wetting agents to produce optimum moisture control.   With no green waste elements, any issues of cross contamination are negated, whilst a combination of natural virgin wood fibres are added to aid drainage and root aeration.  This superb light weight, aerated Multi-Purpose Compost has been developed and perfected over many years to offer optimum results. 

The Go Garden collection also includes a premium 25 litre bag of Topsoil containing sterilised loam to aid aeration and provide a premium, loose, open texture with its finely graded particle size. A 50 litre Landscaping Bark Mulch provides a naturally slow, biodegradable nutritious mulch that completes the collection.    

With striking pre-priced POS this collection offers retailers the chance to promote a collection of truly English growing medium in a unique highly stylised brand, and with minimum order value split across four products Garden Centres can maximise their logistics and stock holding effectively.

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