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  • Flopro Eco Smart Range
  • Flopro Eco Smart Weather Responsive Tap Timer

The introduction of Flopro Eco Smart weather responsive irrigation systems enables gardeners to harness the power of the sun to ensure regular and precise watering to help plants to thrive.

Flopro Eco Smart automatic solar powered watering systems have either a 12 or 24 dripper system. This clever new concept is designed for use with water butts and other non-pressurised water sources. Quite simply, the more the sun shines, the more it waters! It’s easy to set up and use, irrigating pots, plants, vegetables and more every 3 hours.

A 200-litre water butt typically lasts for 3 weeks which means that plants will be watered even during holiday periods as well as a night mode system which detects darkness and switches the controller off to prevent watering unnecessarily. Flopro even has a backup Reservoir system to ensure your plants are taken care of while you are away, or where a water butt is not available. This is the perfect system for holiday watering, smaller gardens, patios and balconies.

The range also includes a weather responsive tap timer with solar panel and works by automatically adjusting watering times based on sunlight intensity. The more the sun shines the more it waters and it recalculates the sunshine intensity every 10 minutes.

The system is easy to set up using the LCD display panel. Simply set the minimum watering time and frequency on the panel, then let the controller do the rest. The controller automatically increases the watering time by the intensity of the sun. A minimum water pressure of 0.7bar (10 PSI) is required.

Flopro Eco Smart watering systems provide precise watering direct to the roots and save up to 90% water compared to a hose or watering can.



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