Enjoy puddle-free watering this Summer with GARDENA’s new sprinkler range

Company: GARDENA

New for 2020, GARDENA has improved its range of popular Aqua and AquaZoom oscillating sprinklers.

With a focus on sustainable watering; features like improved stability, and even, puddle-free watering of only the garden areas that need it, the new range of sprinklers are a must-have this Summer season.

With small, medium and large models available and a spray range from 9sqm to 350sqm, there’s a GARDENA sprinkler for every garden size.

GARDENA Aqua Sprinklers

The GARDENA Aqua range of sprinklers are now more reliable than ever before. With robust metal components, ensuring these are built to last.

The spray range can easily be adjusted to the required area, and the metal filter inside prevents dirt from getting into the sprinkler, which can easily be removed to clean.

The cleaning needle easily cleans away chalk from clogged nozzles.


The new range of GARDENA AquaZoom sprinklers now feature extra wide feet for added stability and the inclusion of robust metal components for extra durability.

The spray range and width is simple and intuitive to adjust, and a water flow regulator allows for fine adjustment of coverage.

As with the Aqua Sprinkler range, the AquaZoom Sprinkler is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Limescale deposits are easily removed by simply running your fingers across the soft plastic nozzles.

Also available as the GARDENA AquaZoom compact, which is perfect for veggie patches and flower beds.
All GARDENA sprinklers come with a 5 year warranty and are frost and UV proof.

We have a good stock supply across our sprinkler range as we head into the Summer months.

To find out more, please contact Edward.cantle@husqvarnagroup.com or 07384832274
gary.fisher@husqvarnagroup.com or 07710302241.

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