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Company: David Domoney

TV Gardener & Chartered Horticulturist, David Domoney, partners with Yard Force® UK to bring their range of powered garden tools to the everyday gardener.

Choosing powered garden tools can be a daunting undertaking, and many gardeners choose to forego manicuring their green spaces because they don’t have the knowledge or the confidence to buy and use the right products for the task at hand. In partnering with Yard Force®, David Domoney hopes to bring comprehensive insight to a range of garden power tools that can offer reliability, durability and high performance, to the everyday gardener; aiming to demystify powered tools for everyone. David said, “Like anything in the garden, once you know how, it becomes so easy. In learning how to look after our gardens properly, using power tools where needed, we make time in the garden so much more enjoyable and open doors to learning new gardening techniques and having access to a healthy and well-cared-for garden.”

Yard Force® is an internationally recognised brand with years of industry experience and knowledge. Their Marketing Manager, Victoria Rimmington, said “Introducing a household name to represent our brand instils the confidence we have in our products and their performance, we are excited to work alongside David to encourage people to get outside and enjoy transforming their garden with a little helping hand from Yard Force.’

David went on to say: “Giving people access to a better gardening experience is always a good thing; with practical advice on making the most of their garden and the tools necessary to give great results with little effort. The more we can do using professional electric-powered equipment leaves us more time to enjoy the garden.

To that end, the tools that I’m keen to demystify are three practical power tools for gardeners which are the Cordless Lawnmower, 20V AquaJet Pressure Cleaner, and Compact 280R Robotic Lawnmower with i-Radar technology. To me, these innovative products really showcase what an exciting time it is to be a gardener; whether you’ve just started out or are an old hand, these are a game-changer.”

Through a series of instructive videos, top garden tips, and exciting competitions, the partnership will encourage budding gardeners and virtuosos alike to get outside, give their gardens some TLC, and find out exactly how powered garden tools can give them the power they need to kick their gardening gambits into to full gear.



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