Brexit preppers vegetable growing survival kit

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In response to a sharp rise in Brexit ‘prepper’ websites and pages on social media, Franchi seeds has launched a “Brexit Preppers Food Growing Survival Kit” on Saturday 5th of Jan with one tweet which was then picked up and multiplied on various social media platforms.

Paolo Arrigo said “based on fears of the negative consequences of a no deal Brexit, prepper pages have boomed and they are telling us that they are buying our seeds to help feed their families and interestingly, the mix is across the voting spectrum. We have been planning this for months but the time to launch it now is clearly well timed given the response from press and sales.

We have put together a range of seeds that anyone can grow with minimal equipment or experience in containers which can be eaten fresh, raw, cooked or preserved, with something to sow or harvest throughout the year for continuous food supplies”.

We are finalising our packaging and will be rolling the product out to garden centres and lifestyle outlets as soon as we can but we are accepting pre orders for the collection now.

Here are details of the kit:

Brexit Preppers Food Growing Survival Kit

Franchi seed packs contain more seeds than other brands on sale in the UK giving your family peace of mind and value for money.

Everything you need to help feed your family for a calendar year with:

  • Varieties that are straight forward or easy to grow.
  • Varieties that can be grown in containers or in the ground.
  • Varieties for sowing and harvesting all year.
  • Varieties that grow quickly or have good storing properties.
  • Varieties with good nutritional value that can be eaten raw or cooked.
  • Varieties that can be sown in succession for continuous crops.
  • Varieties that can be grown without special equipment.
  • Carrot Parisier Market– Easy to grow even in heavy soil. Stagger sowing. Sow Mar – Jul 1cm depth Harvest till Sep.
  • Lambs Lettuce (Corn Salad)– Easy to grow, resists the cold. Nutritional. Sow Feb-May and again Jul to Sep 1cm depth Harvest May-Aug and Sep to Dec.
  • Spinach– 4 harvests possible per year. Full of Iron. Sow Feb-May and Aug to Oct 2cm depth Harvest May-Jul and Sep to Dec.
  • Broad Beans– 2 Harvests per year. Dry or eat fresh. Sow Feb-May and Sep to Nov 2cm depth Harvest in Summer and Spring respectively.
  • Cut-and-come-again Lettuce – sow every 3 weeks for continuous harvest till first frosts.  Sow Mar – Sep 1cm depth Harvest May till Nov.
  • Friarielli Broccoli– fast growing brocoletti, healthy and easy to grow. Sow May-Aug 1cm depth Harvest late Summer and Autumn.
  • Kale Cavolo Nero– Completely winter hardy. Steam, boil, use in stews or soups. Sow May to Jul 1cm depth Harvest through the winter
  • Pea Dwarf – Two harvests, nutritional, can be dried or frozen.Sow Feb-Apr and Sep-Nov 2cm depth Harvest late Summer and Spring respectively.
  • Borlotto bean Dwarf– Shell and either dry or freeze. Use in stews, soups, casseroles. Sow Mar-Jun 2cm depth Harvest late Summer.
  • French bean Ferrari– Easy to grow. Beans mature at same time at same length so ideal for freezing. Sow Mar-Jun 2cm depth Harvest late Summer.
  • Tomato Principe Borghese– Source of vitamins. Can be dried or frozen or made in to sauces. Sow Spring 1cm depth Harvest Summer.
  • Pumpkin Delica – Can be stored through winter. Small culinary variety. The edible flowers are delicious in omelettes once the crown has been removed. Sow Mar-Jun Harvest Summer and Autumn.
Basic instructions:

It is very easy to over complicate growing veg. Plant them at the proper time and depth one fist apart (tomato 40cm) in soil and water them when dry. You can grow them in garden soil or buy grow bags from your garden centre which are not expensive. Try and plant them all in at least 60% sun, the tomato 75%. Feed the pumpkin and tomato with plant food in the summer.

SPRING - Sow Carrot, Lambs Lettuce, Lettuce, French bean, Tomato, Spinach, Pumpkin, Pea, Broad Bean, Borlotto bean.
SUMMER -Sow Carrot, Lettuce, Kale, French bean, Broccoli, Borlotto bean.
AUTUMN/WINTER - Sow Lambs Lettuce, Spinach, Pea, Broad Bean.

Harvest all year. In a protected space like a greenhouse or balcony you might be able to extend seasons. Performance subject to conditions.

Launch date for the product in stores as a gift item is March 29th.

If you do not have a copy of our new 2019 catalogue, please get in contact.

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