Top Chelsea awards for Mr Fothergill’s and Thompson & Morgan

  • Eryngium Blue Waves
  • Optigrow is a world first for Mr Fothergill’s
  • Hydrangea Runaway Bride

Mr Fothergill’s Optigrow is Chelsea’s garden product of the year and Thompson & Morgan’s Hydrangea Runaway Bride is the plant of the year. 

Runaway Bride is unique in flowering from both terminal and lateral buds.  The lacecap produces a profusion of flowers from early summer to late autumn.

T&M also took third place with a sunflower Sunbelievable Brown Eyed Girl, which blooms non-stop for 6 months and can produce 100’s of flowers over a season. Both plants were displayed on the Sun’s Newspaper’s stand, hosted by Peter Seabrook.

Second place was awarded to Hillier Nurseries' Eryngium Blue Waves, a compact plant with strong showy bracts on upright stems.


Optigrow is a world first for Mr Fothergill’s. It is a new way of priming seeds without the use of chemicals, just the carefully combined use of water and heat in a process like tumble drying.

The seeds make growing from seed easier for the amateur. Seeds germinate faster and more reliably. The plants are more vigorous when they grow-on. 

The range consists of 13 different vegetable seeds at the moment, as the treatment needs fine tuning for each cultivar, within a range such as carrots.

The process has been developed in Norway.

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