Four Oaks 2020 Horticultural Trade Show is cancelled

Four Oaks has postponed celebrations of its 50th show till September 2021. This follows cancellation of this year’s show due to Coronavirus and the 14 day quarantine period at UK airports.

Event director Pat Coutts said, “The risks to exhibitors and visitors would have been too great under the present circumstances, even with the most stringent controls.

“The deciding factor has been the 14 day quarantine period at UK airports. As 35% of exhibitors plus a high percentage of visitors come in from Europe, the event would not have been viable with this restriction in place and we could not have delivered the quality show that the industry has come to expect.”

Four Oaks 2021 will be held on September 7-8th. The venue is a 23 acre nursery site in Cheshire UK, close to the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope. The exhibition covers an area of 17,000m² under glass with additional outdoor areas.

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