Boningale ceases importation of oak trees

Company: Boningale Ltd

Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) outbreaks in the UK pose a serious threat to our oak trees. Boningale are ceasing importation of oak trees effective immediately, and will only be sourcing UK oak stock.

OPM is already established in greater London and some surrounding areas. Defra have noted that the UK Plant Health Service are taking steps to eradicate recent findings of OPM in Hampshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire. These steps may include surveillance, tracing and destruction of the caterpillars and infested trees.

OPM feeds heavily on oak leaves and weakens the tree, leaving it very vulnerable to other pests, diseases and stresses. It is also harmful to humans and animals, and anyone finding the pest should inform the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

Industry-wide plant health protocols

Boningale has been working hard with other nurseries, trade bodies and DEFRA to set up industry-wide plant health protocols to help prevent the damage caused by imported pathogens. We have made full use of the Plant Health self-assessment which is currently available online, and it is hoped that the Plant Heath Assurance Scheme will be launched this year which will audit nurseries importing plants. We already have a Plant Health Management System to ensure we honour our biosecurity responsibilities, both on our nursery site and beyond.

Immediate halt to imports from Europe

Although DEFRA has previously been confident that the Dutch Inspection Authority NakT was carrying out inspections to the required standard, these outbreaks highlight the need for further vigilance. Over the past week, we have made strides to further tighten our regulations regarding our trading of oak trees, in light of this Boningale will:

  • Immediately halt the import of all oak species from Europe.
  • Only source UK oak stock that has been inspected by UK inspectors during the last growing season.
  • Work closely with any customers who have recently purchased oak from us to answer any questions or concerns they might have.

It is still important that landscape professionals across the industry remain vigilant and carry out inspections on site. At the moment anyone purchasing oak trees can plan for extra delivery time to allow nurseries to source responsibly, check if their oaks are UK sourced, check their supplier’s Plant Health Management Policy, and ask if their nursery has done the Plant Health self-assessment.

The Directors of Boningale Ltd are working closely with Defra and Government Offices to provide and share knowledge so as to keep our clients protected and informed.

More information on OPM can be found here:

HTA urges members not to import larger oak trees

HTA urges members not to import larger oak trees and check recently imported stock until full extent of recent OPM introductions are known.

In light of the recent Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) introductions into the UK, the HTA is urging businesses not to import larger oak trees (girth of 8 cm or greater, measured at 1.2m above the root collar) from areas where OPM is established. 

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