Zöon on its way!    

Company: Smart Garden Products

Smart Garden have announced that first deliveries of their new Zöon Pet Range have started arriving in Garden Centres nationwide.

To make it easier for their retail partners to distinguish between Zöon items and other Smart products in the same delivery, they are wrapped in a very distinctive and appropriate pallet wrap.

“We are really proud to have arrived at this point as it represents the culmination of over a year of exhaustive planning and product development!” said Jonathan Stobart, Smart’s MD. ”There are almost 700 distinctive pet accessories in the range, including Bedding, Toys, Treats, Collars , Leads, Harnesses, Feeding Bowls, plus a wonderful selection for puppies, cats, and kittens.

Peter Johnson, Smart’s Pet Products Director added “A big environmental plus is that, being a new range, we have been able to adopt the highest possible standards for packaging and product alike. So we have minimised the use of single-use plastic packaging, preferring instead fully recyclable cardboard hangers….and even our (dog) poop bags are bio-compostable, as they are made from a corn starch-based polymer!”

Smart say the Zöon range has been welcomed by all of their retail partners without exception and is destined to become a major component of its business in the months and years ahead.

The complete range can be viewed at Smart’s showrooms in Peterborough as well as at Abingdon. 

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