Bosch and Gardena establish battery alliance

Company: Gardena UK
  • Bosch and Gardena establish battery alliance
  • Partners of the Power for All Alliance

More flexibility than ever before for users in and around the home and garden and time with one battery for many brands.

The Power for All Alliance is one of the largest cross-brand battery alliances of leading manufacturers worldwide and offers the greatest variety of applications for your entire home and garden.

Users will be able to use one and the same 18 V battery to operate power tools, garden tools and home appliances from Bosch, as well as products bearing the Gardena, Emmaljunga, Gloria, Wagner and Rapid brand names.

This will save users money, space and time when purchasing products from the Power for All Alliance in future.

Gardena is converting its entire 18 V product range to the Alliance battery system for the coming gardening season. Pär Åström, President of Gardena: “Our users are looking for a strong, reliable and versatile battery they can use for many purposes in and around their home and garden. This is why we at Gardena decided to join forces with Bosch to found the Power for All Alliance.”

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