Zest Direct to relaunch home delivery service for online retailers

Company: Zest 4 Leisure

Zest 4 Leisure is relaunching its Zest Direct home delivery service to online retailer customers with the aim of ensuring its customers are able to supply garden products and meet the increased demand in the lockdown period.

The company’s goal is to support its online retailers with the roll out of services to deliver garden products to customers’ homes which begins next week (w/c 13 th April) with the first home deliveries scheduled to be with customers by the end of that week.

Simon Davison, Head of Commercial Development, said:  “With the current lockdown and people spending time at home, the importance of gardening has been recognised... in maintaining many people’s health and well-being. People in the gardening industry are coming together to deliver a service that will support this and I am delighted that we too can lend our support.”

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, Zest 4 Leisure decided to suspend business temporarily. Using its home delivery arm to support online retailers, Zest Direct will now operate its usual nationwide delivery service of its range of timber garden products and hopes to deliver some gardening satisfaction in these unprecedented times.


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