The average Brit has spent over £100 on gardening during lockdown

Company: American Express

More time at home and savings on leisure activities may be responsible for the flourish of investment into gardens, as Green-fingered Brits have looked to make the most of their space during lockdown.

Brits have spent an average of £105 each sprucing up their gardens since the start of lockdown, equating to £3.7 billion being spent across the UK, according to new research from American Express.

The most popular purchases are outdoor plants, closely followed by compost and seeds.

Why we love our green spaces

Brit’s relationship with their outdoor space evolved during lockdown, with almost half of respondents with a garden (49%) enjoying it as a space to relax, or safely meet with friends and family (20%). In comparison with 2019, the research reveals that 62% admitted having spent more time in their garden or outdoor space this year.

Furthermore, Brits have seized the opportunity to express themselves through their outdoor environment, with one in seven (14%) redesigning their garden or outdoor space during lockdown, and 12% sharing pictures of their upgrades on social media.

The joy of gardening has also spread to neighbours, family and friends for some, with 15 % admitting they have received a plant or home-grown fruit and vegetables from someone they know during lockdown.

American Express provides the following top tips for green fingered Brits:

  • Bag a bargain – When purchasing items for the garden, look out for 3 for 2 offers on soil or seeds to store for when you will need them in the future. 
  • Get growing – Cultivating your own fruit and vegetables is a highly rewarding and environmentally friendly way to use your garden space. If you are a novice, start with something easy, such as berries or sunflowers.
  • Be mindful – Studies have shown exposure to green spaces has wide-ranging health benefits, so looking for opportunities to spend time outdoors can help you reap the full benefits.
  • Earn points and rewards – If you have been bitten by the gardening bug, remember to put your spend on a cashback or rewards card so you can earn something back on your spending.
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