Plants donated to 'Love Your Garden'

Company: Hawkesmill Nurseries

Hawkesmill Nurseries, the Warwickshire based family company, are over the moon to have been asked to donate a variety of plants to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital  to help with their new garden.

The producers on Alan Titchmarsh’s garden makeover series, ‘Love Your Garden’, contacted the Hawkesmill team to ask for their help in providing some of our most beautiful varieties for planting and these will showcased on the special NHS edition of the show which will be aired on 22 May 2018 – a year after the devastating bombing in Manchester.

We picked a wide selection of our best blooming flowers including Primula, Aubretia, Bergenia, Anemone, Fritillaria, Helleborus, Victorian Violas and Alpines, to bring colour and texture for the enjoyment of the children and the staff at the hospital

The Hawkesmill team cannot wait to see the finished garden on the show!


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