Online plant marketplace launches to support small business

Company: HeyPlants is a new online website, enabling Londoner’s to buy plants online, directly from independent plant sellers.

HeyPlants’ serves two purposes 1) to give small businesses a platform to showcase their products and 2) to give buyers an easy way to purchase online and support them.

The business was born out of the Covid-19 lockdown, when its founders faced difficulties buying plants for their own home. “It was really challenging to connect with independent sellers. Many didn’t have an online presence, and if they did there was no capability to purchase online.”, says Lyn, co-founder of

“A by-product of working from home and being indoors means people are looking at ways to enhance their living space. It’s really reinvigorated interest in gardening and indoor plants. A survey of our social media audience found that people had purchased an average of 25 plants since lockdown started. The appetite is huge!”

Presently there are over 180 plants listed, with most sellers able to deliver nationally.

While the immediate focus is within London, HeyPlant’s plans to expand its list of sellers nationally in the coming months. Anyone interested in selling on the platform is encouraged to apply through their website.

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