Durstons work hand-in-hand with local schools

Company: Durston Garden Products

Somerset based Durston Garden Products has a reputation for working closely with local schools in an effort to instil gardening skills in children as early as five years old and  their latest project involves working in partnership with All-Hallows Catholic Prep-School in East Cranmore.

Durston’s has donated the much needed bags of compost to All-Hallows School so that students along with the guidance and assistance of their teachers can plant and grow flowers as well as vegetables.

“Planting seeds and watching them grow is a basic life skill which I believe all children should be taught” say’s National Sales Manager, Dan Durston of Durston Garden Products. “As a young boy myself, I remember spending time with my Father and Grandfather In the vegetable garden, and being so excited when a flower suddenly appeared or a tomato started to ripen and I was able to pick it and eat it.

With technology in the form of tablets and TV’s, stealing the minds of so any of our children these days, it is truly critical that as part of their education that they learn about the environment and our impact on it,  and if we here at Durstons can do anything to assist in  that process then we are only too happy to assist.”.

In addition to donating compost to local schools Durstons often host school visits to its facilities in Somerset also, so that students can witness first hand how peat is extracted from the ground and then processed, before being bagged and sent off to garden centres and retail outlets around the country.

Some of the results from students at All-Hallows School’s planting activities are here for viewing, which I’m sure you will agree is a great achievement and which show possible budding Percy Thrower’s or Alan Titchmarsh’s of the future!

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