2019, The Year Of Greener Growing

Company: Hawkesmill Nurseries

The Hawkesmill Nurseries team, have produced perennials, wildflowers, grasses, ferns, herbs and more, for over 43 years. They know just how important it is to make a firm commitment to their customers of offering eco-friendly trays and pots for their plants.  The family-run business combines traditional heritage with the modern needs of today when it comes to 'green' growing innovations for their plants.

Hawkesmill introduced new carbon-free 'Green' pots this year

In addition to their returnable and reusable 9 cm trays,  Hawkesmill introduced new carbon-free 'Green' pots this year, which are detectable for recycling and are also manufactured using 97% Post-Consumer Waste.  Post-Consumer Waste is carbon pigment-free and can be detected on NIR sorting lines,  confirmed through independent testing by RECOUP across the UK.

Increased flexibility in production methods and timings

With the new 1 hectare glasshouse, that was constructed this year, the team made the most of this high-quality production facility, and produced more plants than ever before.  This has provided more flexibility in production methods and timings and a wider selection of varieties to customers for a longer period.

Environmental improvements

Other environmental improvements have included recently installed solar panels on dispatch buildings and the creation of a water storage reservoir.  The reservoir 'harvests' rainfall from the glasshouse and polytunnel roof, as well as the outside nursery beds.  In addition the team re-cycle irrigation water from inside the glasshouse and nursery beds too.  

Richard Evans, Sales Director, states “Environmental issues affect all of us and the use of plastics has been very much in the headlines recently and this is sure to continue.  We feel that we have a responsibility when growing our plants to do so as sustainably as possible and we aim to continue working in a 'greener' growing environment moving forward"

Garden Retailers can contact Hawkesmill Nurseries for more information and general availability by contacting the company on 01676 532334 or by emailing sales@hawkesmillnurseries.co.uk


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