HTA steps up plastic campaigning activity

The HTA’s James Clark tells NGO’s, local and national Government that local authorities should collect more recyclable plant pots from the kerbside following huge developments in the industry.

Speaking at the RECOUP Plastics Recycling and Resources Conference, James Clark, HTA director of policy and communications explained how the UK horticulture industry is moving to supplying plants in non-black polypropylene plant pots that are suitable for kerbside recycling.

He calculated that if all kerbside compliant pots sold each year were collected this would divert an estimated 8,000 tonnes of quality polypropylene away from landfill and back into the recycling stream to be made into more pots.

With 23,000 tonnes of polypropylene recycled in the UK in 2016 the recycling of plant pots would contribute a significant proportion.

He said, “The industry has made huge developments over the past year in introducing non-black kerbside recyclable plant pots.

“We will be stepping up our campaign activity and want to work with the waste and recycling industry to progress this initiative.”

The RECOUP Conference was chaired by Tom Heap of BBC Countryfile.  Over 500 delegates attended from NGO’s, local and national Government and companies with business interests within plastics recycling.

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