SGD Autumn Conference 2020

Date: 21st - 21st November 2020
Location: TBC

How do we make garden design relevant in this time of rapid and unpredictable climate change?  Do we ignore the problems, hope that someone else will deal with all this and simply carry on?  Or do we want to help our clients - and ourselves - to adopt a more responsive approach?

If so, what do we need to know? What can we do? And how do we do it? And then what difference can we really make through our designs, and how do we assess this?

With the expertise and specialist knowledge of our celebrated speakers, the SGD Autumn conference will focus on some of the most basic and precious resources we deal with: water, earth and plants. Presentations on these topics will be by Robert Bray, Tim O’Hare and James Hitchmough and they will look at how we can use resources differently and better and do more with less.   Sarah Eberle will explore the meaning of sustainability, how we assess the impact of our actions and decisions, and how we identify areas of design or practice which we may need to reconsider.  Dave Goulson will look at what gardens offer insects, how habitats can be increased and enhanced through design.  Are natives or non-natives better plants for insects and our changing climate?

Conference Chair Mark Laurence will hold the threads of these interrelated and complex topics and help to signal ways in which ideas and designs can be regenerative and create beautiful, ecologically diverse havens that build soils and sequester carbon, and be feasible with a low footprint. Surely this has to be the new role for all garden and landscape designs?

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