ISF World Seed Congress

Date: 22nd - 24th May 2017
Location: Budapest, Hungary

Agriculture is an important sector of the Hungarian economy. About 70% of the land area of the country is suitable for agricultural production, while one-third of the soils and the terrains are unfavorable for efficient farming. A great part of the country is lowland.

The Hungarian agriculture is proud of its wheat production with high quality varieties, livestock of Hungarian Grey Cattles, famous wines, very special spirits named Palinka and traditional unique foods from goose liver to paprika.

In the plant production the most important crops are cereals occupying more than 70% of the arable land. The major cereals are wheat and maize. Other important cultivated plants are sunflower, oilseed rape and barley.

The seed production has a great tradition in Hungary based on natural resources, nutrient content of soil and climatic conditions.