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6 Dec 2017,  

Why Are Lawn Care Product Sales Down?

In an article in Horticulture Week this month, it was stated that the sales of lawn care products have taken a slump and that it is franchises in general, rather than individual garden care operators, who are not new to the market, that are behind this shift in garden centres' lawn-care fortunes. 

You could say that this all comes down to opportunities in the marketplace, however, I believe that a lot of what goes wrong with lawn care in general, stems from it not having its own defining body. We have anyone calling themselves experts, from franchises, to many of the lawn treatment franchises too.  Are they ALL experts?  

Another problem could stem from the garden centres themselves.  They sell a variety of lawn care products, not governed by them.  Any innovation is reliant on two main players in the market doing anything new or exciting. When I go to garden centres, as a lawn enthusiast I am totally uninspired.  Same old products, same old advice, same confused look on many faces trying to buy anything.

The lawn advice given to many in this country will lead to lawns being unsuccessful, period.  This comes from the big players too.  Its dated, almost non-existent and uninspiring.

Therefore it is no surprise that garden centres have little to inspire customers when we talk of lawn care products.  Is there life in selling lawn products in garden centres.....yes there is.  However, ranges need to be more innovative and up to date ... something must change!

Advice hasn’t changed much for years and now is the opportunity for garden centres to start to educate both staff and customers in modern day lawn care.

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6 Mar 2018,  Craig
We have been using Greenkey for our lawn care for over 4 years now and never had trouble selling it. Every thing from aerators to scarifiers.
24 Dec 2017,  Steve
Maybe it’s because Garden Centres just don’t focus on Lawn Care products like they used to. 10-15 years ago full pallets of lawn care and smaller display pallets took centre stage every spring to grab the gardeners attention and encourage them to think about lawn care and plant foods. Now the displays in many centres are very low key in comparison. If the centres focussed on gardening and encouraged gardeners to buy these products I’m sure Sales would increase.
10 Dec 2017,  Anne
Whilst we've found that sales of the standard Evergreen products etc have remained static, we have had fantastic sales of the MO Bacter products. We have pushed this in articles written for magazines and on our own website at the appropriate time of year. Staff have been trained in the product and our sales this year have tripled.
7 Dec 2017,  Dave
It is quite simple--lawn care products do not appear to be as good as they used to be! It may be that various legislation has been the cause of this or that the products available now are just not as good as in the past.
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