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24 Feb 2017,  Anne

What are people's opinions of epos systems and what do people recommend?

I'm hoping someone can give us some advice please. Our manual tills stopped working last year right in the busy period and the company who had always supplied our tills put in a touch screen system at short notice. This was later moved over to an epos system. For various reasons we've found it unsuitable for purpose and are now looking to replace it with something more suitable. We've spoken to Easitill and seen a demonstration of their products and have an appointment with CSY - what are people's opinions of these systems and can anyone recommend anything else.

6 May 2017,  I Stephens
Anne, what did you go with in the end?? I am looking to replace our manual tills with EPOS - we are only a small setup, plant centre, shop & licensed restaurant. Having worked in much bigger places with Torex & other systems I am familiar with the benefits and the pitfalls but have never had to put a system in from scratch before. So far I have had prices from £3K to £30K.
6 Mar 2017,  Craig Hobson
Having used the EPOS system from Corby & Fellas for the last 6 years in my last two garden centres I would recommend you look at them. The system is very versatile and adaptable. Call Alan McCammon on 01493 658800
28 Feb 2017,  Andrew Whelan
Try the HTA Advice Line provider - GJD Consultants Ltd 0333 005 0162
27 Feb 2017,  James White
We have recently changed from torrex an old system to image retail solutions. They are new to garden centre industry but only have a few garden centres and restaurants, they are fantastic value, will help with product development and improving the system to meet your needs and work quickly to fix issues, I really can't rate them enough , they even do table service plans on screen, different layouts for garden centre and hospitality, loyalty schemes, etc etc. Great team of staff, always on hand to help and improve. Email terry for demo and pricing....
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