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9 May 2015,  George Bullivant

New owners promise dramatic growth for Tong Garden Centre

Tong, one of the country’s largest garden centres has been sold. The new owners have substantial redevelopment plans.

7 Oct 2020,  Ve
As a frequent visitor to Tong Garden Centre, I can sincerely say, I’m never, ever bored of visiting. It’s the most fabulous garden centre I’ve ever stepped foot in! it never fails to deliver whatever the season. But today’s visit blew me away. The new extension was up and running filled with the most fabulous array of Christmas products, and of course, I purchased a quite few. Even grumpy hubby thought it was super, and I cannot wait to dine with friends in that showcase of a restaurant! Absolutely stunning place - well done you guys for giving us Huddersfield ladies somewhere super to visit.
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