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3 Aug 2017,  George Bullivant

HTA warns garden centres on deadline for expired gift vouchers

The HTA is warning garden centres it will not accept gift vouchers once they have expired, due to a change in legislation. The amnesty on vouchers with an expiry date of 31 December 2016 ends on 31 August 2017.

30 Nov 2018,  Pete
It is incomprehensible to me why in periods of inflation such as we have had for the last 80 years a voucher should not remain valid for up to 20 or 50 years so long as the association issuing them - in this case the HTA - remains an operating concern. Somebody has taken cash and provided no service in return. In my own case £20 of vouchers were concealed in a book which was a gift in January 2014 and they have only just been discovered - they would of course have been spent on receipt if they'd been found when sent. Despite a statement on the website of the HTA that their vouchers normally have a validity of up to four years in this case a supplier in the London area was able to sell my brother in law vouchers with only 23 months until expiry. One is left with a very strong feeling of injustice and that these gift vouchers are consequently definitely NOT 'the ideal gift' as HTA claims.
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