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17 Jan 2019,  George Bullivant

How do you prepare for a No Deal Brexit?  You can’t afford not to.

We may not know what type of Brexit we will have till late March.  The implications of a no-deal crash out on 29th will be damaging at a time when plant and garden product imports are high. How do you prepare for a No Deal Brexit? 

11 Mar 2019,  Paolo, Franchi Seeds
This is from DEFRA with regards UK certified seeds: "• " This means that in the event of a no-deal exit, businesses will not be able to market UK certified seed or other certified propagating material (including pre-basic and basic) in the EU. We are working closely with industry and key stakeholders on how best to support them."

Basically, UK seed companies will not be able to sell certified seed to the EU anymore if there is a no deal. So if a British business is selling 80% of their seed to the EU, currently they are free to do so, on the 30th of March, they are out of business Mr Patriot. I'm sure all those people losing their jobs will be very happy with their new blue passports though.....

22 Jan 2019,  Kris
In answer to the “Growing Patriot” and anyone else who thinks that leaving the EU (with or without a deal) is an advantageous opportunity for the UK in the future and that by being in charge of our own “destiny”, our Countries ills will be sorted. We (the UK) have always been in charge of our own destiny, as our Parliament has always been Sovereign. The EU has had absolutely no influence over the NHS, the UK’s Education System, House Prices, Houses being Built, the lack of Affordable Housing, the UK’s Police Force, the Social Services System, Mental Health Support in the UK, Care for the Elderly, Libraries being Closed down, Community Centres being closed, Pot Holes on our Roads, our grossly overpriced (and unintergrated) Public Transport System. If you think that by the UK leaving the EU is going to improve the above list of disasters (all our own governments making), think again, there won’t be the revenue in the Treasury to deal with anything, except further austerity. The EU, has been for the UK a purely regulatory authority, enabling the Single Market to operate on a “level playing field” for all its members. Safety, Environment and Standards are the rules that the EU apply to the UK and they have always been passed through Westminster by our elected MP’s. Be careful what you wish (or wished) for, leaving the EU (with or without a deal) will put the UK into recession. Manufacturing will be the first loser and their employees the second, retail comes third.
18 Jan 2019,  Growing Patriot
"Crashing out" the psy ops term for leaving the European Union. 2 years of none stop propaganda and we are all sick of it. Roll on the 29th march when we become the masters of our own destiny again! Free from the EU shackles before the failed multicultural project implodes.
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