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2 Oct 2018,  George Bullivant

Hillier claims to be the first to grow in Taupe pots

In a move away from single use plastics, Hillier claims to be the first nursery in the UK to grow a commercially potted crop in a recyclable pot. Unlike black pots, Taupe can be detected by infra-red recycling equipment.

4 Oct 2018,  William
Come on - get the facts right. “Carbon black pigment free”?? Just stick to Carbon Free. Even black can be carbon free just that black doesnt reflect light as other colours do when scanning NIR. Taupe is not the only colour available to suit these credentials- grey and blue are also offered by the major manufacturers- it just happened to be the colour on the table when these 5 growers had their meeting. Remember, the key is Carbon Free which is available in numerous colours though manufacturers will offer a standard grey or taupe to keep costs sensible. Regular black pots are usually made from recycled industrial waste and can easily be recycled down the industrial waste route so not all is lost.
4 Oct 2018,  Phil
75% of local authorities collect pots???? REALLY?????
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