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26 Mar 2019,  George Bullivant

Family announces the death of Mike Dunnett

Mike Dunnett, a well known and greatly respected industry pioneer, who was MD of Blakedown Nurseries for many years has died today, Tuesday 26th March 2019.

28 Mar 2019,  Ian
George, I just heard this very sad news. Condolences to Carole and the whole family. Mike was one of life's "good lads", but he didn't take crap and told you what he thought of you and your ideas! He was such a pioneer and visionary for what was then quite a parochial industry. He shook it up in no mistake! I first met him and Carole in 1969 in their tiny cottage across the road from Blakedown. We kept contact as our mutual careers developed and then with his tremendous vision and energy he launched the first plant, Butterfly Blue, with volumes that seemed incredible. I remember the launch, "Pots of Money" in 1983 at a Heathrow hotel, when he said in his own inimitable way, "60,000 in year 1 lads or we're buggered"... he pretty much invented modern plant marketing and the entire industry owes him for that. Mike was also very encouraging to John Stanley and me when we left teaching and employed us out of sympathy I think! I worked with him to get his plants to the USA and S. Africa and helped him with Hines Nurseries here for a great relationship on new plants. I've always admired that rascally way he has with such determined self confidence but set in a very sharp business mind. We are so sad. Looking out from the kitchen window the first thing I see is a thriving patch of the original B. Blue just breaking bud and I can just hear that gravelly larf of his, and his voice rising as he says, "what are you doing to these mate? Call yourself a Horticulturalist!" R.I.P good friend, no more weeds to swear at now.... Ian and Lisa Baldwin
28 Mar 2019,  Julian Burton
Shocked and saddened by this news. His charismatic leadership and his contribution to the industry was immense and joining him on a committee or in a meeting was not only always a highly entertaining and lively affair but also a very productive use of time. A great loss to mankind.
27 Mar 2019,  Andy Whelan
It was a pleasure to have bought from Mike when he was at Blakedown. Thoughts are with the family.
26 Mar 2019,  Andy
Very sad news to hear about Mike Dunnett. So many of us in the Horticulture trade owe a lot to Mike and his forward thinking in his Blakedown years.
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