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11 Feb 2019,  George Bullivant

Caulders buys 2 garden centres from Dobbies

Caulders has purchased Cumbernauld and Kinross garden centres from Dobbies. This will increase Caulders portfolio to 7 garden centres – all in Central Scotland.

28 Mar 2019,  Mandy
Caulders have given existing Dobbies cardholders a 6 month free card - allowing them 12 coffees and 10% of plants, trees and bulbs until August!
26 Mar 2019,  Douglas
I. Received a Dobbies gift card at Christmas purchased in my local Dobbies in Cumbernauld..when I went to use it I'm march they would not honour it .I was told to find a Dobbies. They also took money from my bank to renew my loyalty card knowing they were selling up. Caulders plants are not a patch on Dobbies
14 Feb 2019,  Peter
Why did they allow people to renew their Dobbies loyalty cards as recently as last month?
12 Feb 2019,  Jeremy
Congrats on the latest additions to the Caulders family Colin & Mandy. I imagine they wont be small garden centres for long.
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