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9 Mar 2020,  Hannah Powell

Call for stories for Greenfingers book

Hannah Powell, Director at Perrywood Garden Centres, is writing a book and all money from it will go to GREENFINGERS. But she needs your help. The book will be a collection of funny tales from garden centres. Think about the amusing things customers say, silly things said over the radio, customer complaints and anything else comical, emotional or just plain ridiculous. All contributions will be anonymous – names of people and garden centres will be changed or taken out. They may be a list of garden centres and individuals who contributed at the end but you can ask not to be included.

Here are some to start you off:

  • I was asked, “Do you have a grow bag, but I don’t want the one that grows tomato plants.”
  • Can you believe someone said, “The flooded river water outside the window is too dirty and brown to look at, could you please change the colour?” (someone told Hannah this one at GCA conference).
  • Customer said “I’m looking for Jasmine” - I took them all the way outside to the plant area, and it turns out they actually wanted someone who works in the coffee shop.

Hannah comments; “How many of us have said we ought to write a book about the funny things which happen in garden centres? Well now you can let me do it for you, and together we can raise more money for the fantastic Greenfingers Charity. If I can get lots of people to send me one or two stories we will have a book full in no time.”

If you have any stories or tall tales to share with Hannah you can email her at Perrywood or you can fill in the questions here -

Hannah will not earn any money from the book herself, it’s all for charity. She is also looking for ideas or contacts of how to publish the book.  

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