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1 Mar 2018,  George Bullivant

Ascential puts its exhibitions up for sale

Ascential, the owner of Glee, Pure, Spring & Autumn Fair trade shows has announced a strategic review of its exhibitions business.

12 Jun 2018,  Glen
We have asked and asked and asked for Autumn Fair and GLEE to be merged for one decent sized show. All garden centres have gifts, so it all makes sense. Ascential have always refused point blank as it reduces the 'value' or its portfolio. Perhaps new owners will see sense. SOLEX is also dwindling and we are not going this year. GLEE we will only go for the day as there is not enough for 2 days. Trade shows are useful but there are far too many. The HTA plant fair, Solex, Glee, Spring Fair Harrogate... they cost us all a fortune in travel, accomodation and time away from the business.
18 May 2018,  Emily
We've been exhibiting at GLEE for over 20 years and we have no other exhibition to show our complete collection. Gone are the days of packed stands, orders taken and busy everyday. However, we have always found it to be quality, not quantity that has enabled our company to grow.
9 Apr 2018,  Neil
We are a smaller 'garden' retailer and we would be lost without exhibitions like Glee, Spring and Autumn Fairs. Being a smaller outlet, most reps do not beat a path to our door like perhaps they do to the bigger boys where they will get a bigger orders. Fully agree shows may not be what they used to be but then our trade has changed a lot too! But where else can you meet 95% of your suppliers in a couple of days catch up on their new products, sort out issues, improve your product knowledge, contrast and compare value and pick up new suppliers? If exhibitions are used wisely by suppliers and buyer they are great value for money.
6 Apr 2018,  Cheshire Gardener
I have been to every Glee since 1982. In recent years it has certainly waned a bit. Four Oaks between Knutsford and Macclesfield is a fabulous show. They don't rip off exhibitors or visitors. This show is well worth looking up. It's usually a week or two before Glee, and a lot friendlier.
6 Apr 2018,  Peter
Having a stand at an exhibition without interesting visitors is wast of time and money. Better to visit the old and new costumers direct so at least you have done something you can use in the future! Glee Spring Fair 2018 was a empty hall - it was long days.
13 Mar 2018,  Saffron
Exhibitions for years have been "Miss-Sold" to us all. Visitor numbers in decline, cost spiral. A hard sell to get us to sign up for Spring Fair 2019. Most shows are poor, quieter, every year. Glee is too small. They refuse to amalgamate Autumn Fair with Glee, because buyers say they do not want this! Most of the buyers I have spoken to do want it! But lets take Glee to Spring Fair, that didn't impress buyers or the exhibitors. Its all about making money, that's business. Exhibitions are a huge investment for companies. We measure our return carefully, then make the decision to go back or try new. We never re-book immediately. £££
7 Mar 2018,  Gardenboy
Does make you consider the validity of Trade Shows full stop, huge cost to the exhibitor, usually to say 'high' to existing customers. In this day and age surely an investment in marketing and presentation is where the money should be spent and not on the 'look at the size of my stand' dinosaur thinking?
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