Gardenex & PetQuip members praise new member benefit from social media experts

Company: Gardenex & PetQuip

Garden and pet product suppliers are being offered the chance to grow their social media presence, thanks to a new service organised by Gardenex and PetQuip.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become increasingly important in times of remote working and self-isolation, but often companies don’t have the time, manpower or expertise to take advantage of social media platforms.

To help their members reap the benefits of targeted social media activity, Gardenex and PetQuip have teamed up with multi-disciplinary digital firm Elda Digital Creatives.

Elda can provide members with a 50% discount on their social media management, digital marketing and web design services. The firm will create an active presence for companies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with analytics to understand how the platforms are working for each client.

PetQuip member Judges Choice is already feeling the benefits of the service provided by Elda. The company’s Stu Walker said: “At a time when social media is key to reaching the millions of consumers stuck indoors, we were thrilled to see the new service offered by PetQuip and we weren't disappointed. Elda DC has been professional, helpful and innovative.  The team knew immediately how to convey our messages and we can't thank them, and PetQuip, enough for this service.”

Here’s a look at what Elda can offer Gardenex and PetQuip members:

Facebook: Fully manage a Facebook account, increasing numbers across the board and engaging with customers via the Messenger platform. Elda will post relevant and interesting content and link the Facebook page to all of the other social media accounts.

Twitter: Fully manage a Twitter account, posting daily and actively engaging with customers, influencers and those in similar industries. Elda will start, promote, manage and continue ‘the conversation’, boosting engagement and impression numbers, profile and website visits.

Instagram: Create engaging, relevant posts on Instagram with the view to maximising exposure to as many different people as possible. Elda’s in-house design team will create the content, linking everything back to the client’s website and or other social platforms, product information, images and wider industry posting which will create publicity.

To find out more about how this service can help your business, visit

Gardenex and PetQuip members can access the discounted service by emailing, stating their company name and Gardenex or PetQuip membership number.

Please contact Gardenex and PetQuip if you would like to benefit from membership of the association or require any further advice and assistance on: 



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