Gardenex holds successful first virtual Meet the Buyer event

Company: Gardenex

Gardenex held its inaugural virtual Meet the Buyer event with participating companies agreeing it had been a very productive and successful experience.

Schetelig Oy, a leading Finnish importer and wholesaler of garden products, had virtual one-to-one meetings with six UK businesses.

The individual video meetings, organised by Gardenex, were held between Schetelig Oy and representatives of UK suppliers Agralan, AMES, Ergrownomics, Gardenskill, Henchman, and Wildlife World.

Schetelig Oy had originally agreed to take part in the planned Meet the Buyer event in March, which was cancelled because of the covid-19 pandemic, and the company welcomed the chance to ‘meet’ the gardening companies via Skype.

It proved successful too as Schetelig’s buyer explained: “I think the meetings were even more meaningful than usual, because all the participants focused on tight topics, and the meetings were not too long. It was a nice experience for me.”

The virtual Meet the Buyer initiative was also welcomed by those suppliers taking part.

Wildlife World said: “The meeting went well and I believe there is a very good chance Schetelig Oy will start to trade with us in 2021. I would like to thank Gardenex for its assistance with this event.”

Henchman commented: “It was a useful exercise. We’ll be exploring the matter further, with a view to reaching a wholesale deal for the Finnish territory,” while AMES added: “It was very productive.”

Ergrownomics, a new member of Gardenex, was also pleased to have participated: “The meeting went about as well as we could’ve expected - in large part thanks to all Gardenex’s supplementary help! The buyer seemed interested in the product, particularly for the greenhouse and landscape supplying arms of the company. For retail, we have also come up with some ways in which the product can be shipped as a container which is still configured modually, but without the frame. This saves quite dramatically on the per-unit price, and cuts back significantly on shipping, and we’re aiming to get the sample over to the buyer at the end of the month. Many thanks!”

Following the success of the event, Gardenex is now arranging further virtual Meet the Buyer dates to add to its calendar of events.

Amanda Sizer Barrett, Director General of Gardenex, said: “We are very pleased that the first of what will be a series of virtual Meet the International Buyer events has been a success for all parties. In this challenging business environment, we are working hard to deliver new sales opportunities for our member companies and this is just one of the solutions we are offering them.

“We are also thrilled that several companies such as Ergrownomics are joining the association at present, ready to benefit from such ‘virtual’ events and our comprehensive business services, sales leads and expert advice as we start to see business gearing up for the future and especially the international challenges and opportunities following the UK’s transition from the EU.”

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