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Company: Eurozone Brands Limited

Trion:Z and Copper Skin:Z – Polarized Ionised Gear for Active Lifestyles

Trion:Z magnetic, copper and ionized products combine the benefits of powerful Colan Totte magnets, copper fibres and negative ions. The unique polarised technology is considered by many health professionals to be an extremely powerful form of alternative therapy to assist with joint pain and stiffness.

We sell in a varied selection of retail locations in the UK, including, General Sports, Bike, Health and Wellbeing, Pharmacy and Golf.

Trion:Z is the only health and wellness product accepted and certified as an approved medical device by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Government of Japan and holds a CE Class 1 mark.

We offer an innovative range of proven alternative therapies. Designed for every area of our lifestyle whether it be improving mobility and general fitness, rehabilitation following injury, soothing tired and aching muscles or simply maintaining general well being. Our range of products are a popular choice for an older age profile with over 1 million units sold to date. Perfect for the Garden Centre environment to suit a wide range of age profiles, to help the users ability to perform daily tasks and enjoy a more active lifestyle

Over 20 MILLION PEOPLE in the UK suffer from joint pain due to a whole range of different health reasons. Joint pain and associated problems of stiffness and difficulty in performing daily tasks are typically treated with painkillers and anti-inflammatories with their associated side effects and financial implications.

The effects of magnets have been studied by a number of eminent medical researchers and evidence suggests that magnets can increase blood flow, which in turn results in a more efficient perfusion of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body to facilitate the rehab and healing process.

Our products would be a beneficial and incremental addition to an agents portfolio with decent commission rates available.

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