Autumn Special Features

The Best Products for 2021

Gardenforum will be running two Special Features during the Autumn

  • September 3 – Products and Deals for 2021
  • October 15 – Business services including, EPOS, security consultants and catering supplies

We invite you to submit one or more editorials for each Special Feature, each with images of your new products and possibly a video.

The Deal

  • Your editorial will be displayed for two weeks in the Special Feature highlighted on the Gardenforum home page. It will then be displayed in the appropriate product category for another month.
  • Your editorial will also be emailed to garden centre buyers in a Buyers NewsLetter dedicated to the Special Feature
  • For an additional payment you will be able to bring your editorial to the top of the feature.

The Cost

£ per press release Member Non member
1 press release £79.00 £99.00
Series of 3 £164.00 £205.00
Series of 6 £248.00 £310.00
Series of 10 £336.00 £420.00
Series of 20 £552.00 £690.00

A series can be used over a 2 year period on the Product pages of Gardenforum and Special Features. If you have already purchased a series, you can of course use that.

Premium Position

You can guarantee a position on the first page of the feature (limited to 10) for an additional £100. Or to be in the top line (limited to 4) there would be an additional charge of £200.


In addition to your editorial, a banner would significantly increase your exposure as it would be seen on whichever Gardenforum page a visitor is viewing for a minimum of 5, 10, or 15,000 times a month.

If you book a banner for 3 months or more when booking a Special Feature we’ll give a 15% discount.

How to book

You can send your content for the Special Feature using this link:

We will confirm your entry by return and invite you to take a premium position.

To find out more about banners look at or give us a call on 01747 840730 or email